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Updated Quanta Winterfell BIOS fixes issue where you cannot send keystrokes to ESXi via IPMItool

After working this issue with Quanta/VMware since July of 2014, we finally have a new working issue for the Quanta Winterfell motherboards.

What was happening: You could see everything on the SOL interface, but you could not send any key sequences (no keyboard input was being accepted).… Read the rest

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Awesome new open source Object based storage similar to S3/Haystack – Minio!

The Minio project is inspired by Amazon’s S3 for its API and Facebook’s Haystack for its immutable data structure.


Minio Logo

You can track, check-out and even contribute to the project here at their GitHub. Like Hadoop, expensive RAID controllers are not needed.… Read the rest

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What’s Next?

Wow it’s been a really long time since I posted. Almost exactly 1 year ago was my last post but I’m back.

I am starting a new chapter in my career that will get me back into desktop virtualization technology and leaving the world of pre-sales consulting.… Read the rest

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RedHat CloudForms actual environment Architecture Guide

Working with RedHat CloudForms (CF) for the last several months now, I’ve come to some architecture guides/recommendations along with some easy to understand vernacular explanations.

Region = database (all objects contained within)

Region 99 = rollup region for performance statistics, federated view across all regions

Zone = management system (vCenter, OpenStack, RHEVm, etc), typically for most users this will mean Datacenter.… Read the rest

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