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Columbus vBeers – Sept. 10th

School is back in session, the conference season is wrapping up, and it has been almost three months since the last Columbus vBeers. Let’s get back together and catch up and see what announcements you are excited about.… Read the rest

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Using Puppet to configure LLDPAD on the Open Compute Winterfell

On our OCP Winterfell nodes, in CentOS 6; the 10GB Mellanox NIC’s show up as eth0 and eht1, where the 1GB management interface shows up as eth2. We are also using Brocade 10GB top-of-rack switches. So configuring LLDP was necessary for the servers to advertise themselves to the upstream switches.… Read the rest

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Create a Logical Volume, EXT4 filesystem, mounted mount point and NFS export all via Puppet

I was building a NFS server for our users home directories to work with our FreeIPA implementation, and instead of setting up a logical volume, filesystem and mount point manually I decided to do it via Puppet.… Read the rest

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Using PowerCLI to remotely execute esxcli commands

First, make sure you’re using a version of PowerCLI that supports the get-esxcli cmdlet. In this case, I used a fresh install of PowerCLI 5.5.

First, get-esxcli needs to be run against a single host individually, you can loop through you’re hosts later, but again, one at a time.… Read the rest

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