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Columbus vBeers returns on August 18th

Kids are back in school – check!
Summer is wrapping up – check!
VMworld is in a week – check!

Columbus vBeers – check!

Time to take vBeers to the east side. We are heading to Gahanna to check out Pigskin Brewing Company.… Read the rest

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vBeers – Columbus, OH (Tuesday, June 2, 2015)‏

Please join us for Columbus vBeers following the VMware UserCon. We will be at Wolf’s Ridge Tap Room. The Tap Room is located at the rear of the building on the corner of Lazelle & Hickory Streets.… Read the rest

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Use PowerCLI to apply your vSAN storage policy

I  noticed that VM’s created with the vSphere fat client, were not getting the vSAN storage policy applied to them. So they we’re not as protected as one might think.

lack of storage policy

lack of storage policy

I wanted to make sure that all the VM’s living on vSanDatastore were protected by the vSAN storage policy.… Read the rest

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Managing your VMware environment with CloudForms – CloudForms VMware Tools Upgrade method – CloudForms VMware Tools Upgrade method: I wrote a method a while back to allow me to upgrade VMware tools from within the CloudForms interface. I thought I would share it. I usually create a VM button to call the method, but it could probably be used elsewhere with some tweaking.… Read the rest

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