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2018’s Puppet Community Award Winners!!

A big shout out too my peer @nmaludy! for his Puppet community award!

Each year the Puppet community puts our collective heads together and selects some outstanding community members to recognize, and this year was no different. We had a lot of really great nominees and a few clear leaders. I’m sure that none of you will be surprised by who we selected. This year it seems that the focus was on some of the non-technical parts of being a good community member, like encouraging others or building a welcoming environment. Each of our winners embodies that ethos and is a real positive presence to have.

Nick’s not only done a fantastic job of supporting our and our customer’s organizations, but you can also see that he’s a fantastic open-source community member.

Nick Maludy

The Bolt team was almost unanimous when we asked them about community awards. Nick is the number one community contributor to the project and has contributed new features like handling sensitive data and other security improvements, and plan logging. He even built StackStorm integration for Bolt and answers community questions about the project.

We were told that we’d never be forgiven if we didn’t give Nick an award for his involvement!