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Installing the Nexus 1000v – A step by step guide to installing the 1000v

VMware has typically used the traditional Standard Virtual Switch (SVS), which is host based networking. The Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS), which is a cluster based virtual switch; single point of configuration. Now both Cisco and IBM have release various software based distributed virtual switches that are installable into the vSphere environment. Installing the 1000v used […]


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Using An Address Naming Convention With Cisco UCS

Working with a customer today, the idea of Address Pools came up during a discussion about Cisco UCS. During this discussion we tossed out the idea of using a Address Naming Convention in the Cisco UCS environment. The purpose being, given a MAC, World Wide Port Name (WWPN) or World Wide Node Name (WWNN); I should […]

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ESXi bug causes Cisco VPC’s to not function correctly

After hours and hours and hours of troubleshooting, we’ve finally figured out why our brand new C260 ESX hosts that we’re installed in a VPC were not functioning correctly. At the most, only 3 interfaces were ever able to come online, bringing the fourth would take the entire host down. The problem? The C260 uses […]

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Learn Cisco UCS/EMC VNX using the UCS Emulator along with the EMC VNX Emulator

Cisco’s UCS platform is a key component of our sales team. Almost every single customer of ours is targeted for using UCS. That being said, without UCS gear, it’s tough to learn! Insert UCS emulator! Now you’ve got yourself a full blow UCS deployment.. now what do you do with it without any storage […]

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