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Windows Server 2012 R2 SNMP Configuration using PowerShell

We needed to update the SNMP configuration script to take parameters so that we could pass this through CloudForms, our cloud management platform. Below you’ll find the PowerShell script that we came up with.

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Using PowerShell to Install SNMP and configure Community, Location and Contact on Windows 2008

One of the steps needed to onboard a system into our monitoring tools is to configure SNMP. If the customer template does not have SNMP pre-configured, or is not using GPO to do it; it quickly becomes a painfully slow speed-bump. Last night I threw together the PowerShell script below to: Install SNMP services Configure SNMP […]

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Microsoft announces their support and contribution to the OpenCompute project

On the brink of Open Compute Project Summit 2040 (OCP Summit V) starting tomorrow morning, Microsoft today announced the contribution of their cloud server designs to the Open Compute Project. Interestingly enough, Bill Laing was scheduled to present a keynote tomorrow at the summit. This was surprising to me as Microsoft has been traditionally quiet about elaboration […]

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Cannot add second DAG node in Exchange 2013

Building an Exchange 2013 DAG in my lab, I was having problems adding a second DAG node. I was getting various errors: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper… Error: This operation returned because the time-out period expired… And even more in the DAG logs:

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