Find all Active Directory computers NOT in a group(s) using PowerShell

Stretching my legs yet again in the MS world using powershell…

This time, I need to find all the computers in the Thick OU that are not members of WSUS groups!

Get-QADComputer -searchroot "ccs.local/3_workstations/thick" -NotMemberOf "WSUS_WKS1", "WSUS_WKS2", "WSUS_WKS3"

Find Active Directory object name from SID using Windows Powershell

Found some erroneous SID’s within a procmon capture, trying to figure out who they belonged to.

What else to use, PowerShell!

$objSID = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier `
 $objUser = $objSID.Translate( [System.Security.Principal.NTAccount])

Server not connecting to the correct DFS server

let me guess, your server is in site A, and instead of connecting to DFS server A, its connecting to DFS server B in site B? Bad cached DFS referral

here’s your fix!

From the client not connecting to the correct DFS server:

ServerManagerCmd -install RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con
dfsutil /pktflush

This will instantly fix your problem!