Microsoft announces their support and contribution to the OpenCompute project

On the brink of Open Compute Project Summit 2040 (OCP Summit V) starting tomorrow morning, Microsoft today announced the contribution of their cloud server designs to the Open Compute Project.

Microsoft OCP Keynote
Microsoft OCP Keynote

Interestingly enough, Bill Laing was scheduled to present a keynote tomorrow at the summit. This was surprising to me as Microsoft has been traditionally quiet about elaboration as to what kind of equipment they were using to power Azure. Now officially defined as the Microsoft Cloud Server Platform. This puts Microsoft in line with Facebook, to be the only cloud service providers to publicly release their server specifications. Continue reading “Microsoft announces their support and contribution to the OpenCompute project”

Cannot add second DAG node in Exchange 2013

Building an Exchange 2013 DAG in my lab, I was having problems adding a second DAG node. I was getting various errors:

There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper...
Error: This operation returned because the time-out period expired...

And even more in the DAG logs: Continue reading “Cannot add second DAG node in Exchange 2013”

Tintri VMstore Wish List

For the past two years, Tintri’s VMstore product has been my preferred VMware storage solution.

The most complicated portion of the installation of the product is the rail kit. It took me just a couple of installations to add a hammer to my tool bag in order to bang the rails into place. The ability to provide 10,000’s of IOPS and TB’s to a VMware environment in minutes is fantastic.

But there have been two items on my wish list for basically two years.

The first is too expand usability of VMstore to include Microsoft Hyper-V. More and more organizations are evaluating or adopting a multi-vendor virtualization environment. The VMstore is a NFS solution and I would like SMB 3.0 services added to provide services to the Microsoft virtualization platform.

The second item on my list is to expand the inline deduplication to the spinning disks. Inline deduplication is used for the flash storage by extending this feature to the SATA drives this will allow more VM’s per appliance.

I keep hearing these are in the roadmap but it still has not made it to market. And so I wait…

Corefig for Windows Server 2012 Core and Hyper-V Server 2012

I’ll admit it.

I have spent very little time learning PowerShell. I fall back to the comfort of the Explore shell or using other peoples PowerShell scripts. For those of you diving into Microsoft Server Core can attest, not knowing PowerShell is kind of an issue.

Server Core lacks a GUI and configuration needs to be completed leveraging PowerShell.

Thank you open source community for creating Corefig.

Corefig provides a GUI to the configuration scripts which means I can continue to ignore learning PowerShell just to stand up Server Core. Yea!


Corefig provides access to Computer Settings, Network Settings, License Settings, the Control Panel, and basic Hyper-V Settings.

This is great tool for admins kicking the tires on Server 2012 while learning about Core features and limitations.