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VMworld 2012 Day 1 Observations

There are pro’s and con’s of going to an event of this magnitude, some of which is to be expected, some of which is not. That being said, here are my VMworld 2012 Day 1 Observations.

  1. People – holy crap is there a lot of people here. Seemingly double or triple VMworld 2008 Las Vegas.
  2. Food – So far, horrible. This mornings breakfast options:
    1. Still have frozen ham and cheese quiche
    2. Cold “herbal” quiche (what the hell does that mean)
    3. Donuts
    4. Bananas and apples
    5. What happened to the amazing breakfast at VMworld 2008!
  3. Keynote – So so… great opening by a dance group, great job of announcing the socket only licensing that everyone already knew was coming. Other than that, actually kind of boring.
  4. Technology – WIFI most of the time not working (assuming out of IP’s), SocialCast site constantly unavailable (assuming too many people), website down (assuming too much load), labs down for 7 hours yesterday… No app in the app store even though you told us to download it there? come on VMware… really??!?!?
  5. Sessions – Close the damn doors 5 minutes after start! there we’re people filtering in up to 20 minutes into the presentation. Very annoying and distracting
  6. Lunch… no seating… people literally were sitting on the ground (grass) while pigeons danced around them…. amazing.
On to the Positive!
  1. Lunch was great, even though there was no seating.
  2. Shuttles – to and from your hotel ever 30 minutes… amazing!
  3. San Francisco – A week in Vegas is a chore, San Fran a dream!
  4. Sessions – Great sessions so far, awesome there are 4 presentation screens in each room. Speakers are easy to hear and the AC is good!
  5. Lots of snack, drinks and so forth all over the place
  6. Moscone Center – Seems to be plenty big, only problem is how spread out the “campus” is.  Lots of restrooms, AC is cool, and plenty of escalators.
  7. Great signage, unlike Vegas where I felt perpetually lost, there are plenty of clearly hung signs telling you where you should or need to bel

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