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VMworld 2012 Day 2 Observations!

There are pro’s and con’s of going to an event of this magnitude, some of which is to be expected, some of which is not. That being said, here are my VMworld 2012 Day 2 Observations.

  1. Food – They seem to have heard the griping over at where every single person seems to agree with the food complaints. This mornings breakfast was much better, however lunch remained unchanged.
  2. Technology – WIFI seems to be working better, along with
  3. Hands on Labs are still down… seriously! come on VMware… really??!?!?

So far, almost all of the sessions that I have attended have been excellent! I was able to run into Luc Dekens ( and talk PowerShell/PowerCLI with him.

People are starting to warm up and talk more at the hang out areas, where as yesterday most folks sat there staring at the ground afraid to talk to each other.

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