Vmware Admins is brought to you by Eric Sarakaitis (eric@sarakaitis.com) and Scott Bowling (scott@vtscott.com).

About Eric,

I am a Virtualization Engineer for CBTS where I’m responsible for architecting, engineering and delivering complex solutions for CBTS customers. Primarily, these days I’m focusing more and more on VDI.

Eric Sarakaitis

Eric Sarakaitis

I have four dogs (three of them are Brittany’s and one mutt), two cats and a loving wife :)

About Scott,

Scott is a Citrix architect with American Electric Power. Scott is responsible for building out desktop and application virtualization solutions for the organization.


I have one black lab, two cats, a gecko, and a two gold fish. I am owned by three kids and a wife.


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Eric Sarakaitis

Virtualization Engineer at CBTS
I'm Eric, I love to cook, sing, garden and enjoy cold beverages!
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