The vSAN Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) is a very-much undocumented feature of vSAN that allows you to explore some pretty kick-ass features of vSAN in terms of what-if scenarios, cluster info, and dashboard information from the vCenter server appliance.

To access the vSAN RVC, simply ssh to your vCenter server appliance and run:

This will drop you into the RVC shell once you enter the root password: More »

After working this issue with Quanta/VMware since July of 2014, we finally have a new working issue for the Quanta Winterfell motherboards.

What was happening: You could see everything on the SOL interface, but you could not send any key sequences (no keyboard input was being accepted).

You can grab the BIOS here. F03C3A05 Working BIOS More »

So during my IAAS installation of vCloud Automation Center 6.0 (vCAC), I was getting the error during the installation saying:

After digging and digging, I realized that .NET Framework 4.5.1 was installed. So as a hunch, I uninstalled .NET Framework 4.5.1 and re-installed it from the IIAS installation URL (https://vcac.domain.local:5480/installer/).

After re-installing, I was then successfully able to run the vCAC IAAS installer.


As you saw in my previous post, it takes a little work to get an Open Compute Platform (OCP) server to install ESXi 5.1. The main reason being the lack of video card, the second reason being that only “old people” know serial :)

Keep in mind, my OCP servers (Hyve) have three interfaces, eth2 (Intel 1GB), and eth0/1 (10GB)

That being said, here is the kickstart file I use for my Serial based ESXi install (headless) More »