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VMware to Cut 900 Jobs as Revenue Growth Slows, now what?

After reading the Wall Street Journal Article, attending VMworld 2012 (where it was announced that Pat Gelsinger was replacing Paul Maritz), and after VMware consumes acquisition after acquisition only to wait one, two and even three years before incorporating said acquired functionality into the VMware product line (for which they acquired); I’m beginning to wonder if […]

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What hypervisors are you seeing in the general public?

Scott’s post on multiple hypervisor’s got me thinking… Regardless of workload (server, VDI, DR, Test/Dev) I myself only really see one hypervisor out there… VMware. I think so many companies have built their operational policies, processes and procedures around ESX that it is going to be an incredibly difficult migration to something else. I know of […]

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How to deploy a VMware ESXi host in your IBM PureFlex Flex System environment

IBM has made deploying ESXi within the IBM PureFlex Flex System environment a snap. They’ve included VMware ESXi (5.1 at this time) on each and every X series compute node. To deploy this, start by going to the Chassis Management Module (CMM). Then go to Chassis Management > Compute Nodes > Select Node > Action […]

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