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After Updating the IBM PureFlex CMM Firmware, Compute Nodes Show VPD Unavailable

After Updating the IBM PureFlex CMM Firmware, my compute nodes showed up yellow on the chassis layout screen: Various errors were logged in the CMM event viewer and within the FSM: Flex System Manager (FSM) event log: Node nodexx device Addin cards[05] VPD is not valid.Node nodexx device Storage back plane[01] VPD is not available. […]

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IBM to further expand their Pure systems catalog with Pure Data

IBM, knowing that Power7+ still exists in a TON of Oracle shops, now tries to compete with Oracle Exadata. – Further expanding the IBM Flex System line (name appropriate), IBM now offers the PureApplication W1700 based on the PureSystems p460+ double-width blade. The PureApplication+PureData position I assume will be begin attacking the Oracle Exadata marketshare. Utilizing […]

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IBM Utilizing Verde Virtual Bridges On KVM To Deliver VDI

Copied from our sister site What is a Hypervisor: Just finished a webinar with Verde Virtual Bridges, which is being pushed by our local IBM sales representative.

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IBM Flex System Manager for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Devices Released!

When I was on site in Rochester, MN at the IBM site; I was shown an very early version of a really cool tool. Flex System Manager Mobile! Go to IBM’s website and grab it here! – Using the IBM Flex System Manager for Android, BlackBerry and iOS The IBM Flex System Manager mobile access […]

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