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How do you operationalize OpenStack?

So after “living with OpenStack” for a couple months now, I’ve been taking notes and such, figured I’d share them. This view is from a managed services environment, but an enterprise view would be ok as well. Our OpenStack architecture cannot, and will-not look like our Vmware architecture where each hypervisor node also provides storage, […]

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IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.2 Fix Pack 1 is Available!

Sounds like IBM is eager to catch up to all of the other cloud providers in the market. This is a pretty quick release to follow up to the May 2013 RTM. Following on from the release of SmartCloud Orchestrator v2.2 in May 2013, development are happy to announce the general availability of SCO 2.2 […]

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Using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate with IBM Storage Management Console for Vmware vCenter

The IBM Storage Management Console for Vmware vCenter adds a single-source of glass view into the IBM storage platform (in my case the StoreWize V7000) without leaving vCenter. However, the default installation ships with an unsigned SSL Certificate that does not function well with IE9/vCenter. So at a minimum, you must use a self-signed SSL certificate […]

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After Updating the IBM PureFlex CMM Firmware, Compute Nodes Show VPD Unavailable

After Updating the IBM PureFlex CMM Firmware, my compute nodes showed up yellow on the chassis layout screen: Various errors were logged in the CMM event viewer and within the FSM: Flex System Manager (FSM) event log: Node nodexx device Addin cards[05] VPD is not valid.Node nodexx device Storage back plane[01] VPD is not available. […]

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