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How do you operationalize OpenStack?

So after “living with OpenStack” for a couple months now, I’ve been taking notes and such, figured I’d share them. This view is from a managed services environment, but an enterprise view would be ok as well. Our OpenStack architecture cannot, and will-not look like our Vmware architecture where each hypervisor node also provides storage, […]

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Microsoft announces their support and contribution to the OpenCompute project

On the brink of Open Compute Project Summit 2040 (OCP Summit V) starting tomorrow morning, Microsoft today announced the contribution of their cloud server designs to the Open Compute Project. Interestingly enough, Bill Laing was scheduled to present a keynote tomorrow at the summit. This was surprising to me as Microsoft has been traditionally quiet about elaboration […]

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Using ZFS filesystem as an NFS datastore for ESXi

Using ZFS on Linux is an attractive solution for a high-performance NFS server due to several key factors: Cost, ability to use commodity hardware with free software Simplicity, quick install and easy to configure/manage Flexibility, ZFS offers a plethora of options for your filesystem needs In this case, I installed ZFS on CentOS 6.4 available […]

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New Mobile Encryption App Allows Secure Phone Calls SMS and File Transfers

Today, Slate released an article highlighting the Silent Circle application seen here Silent Circle‘s new mobile encryption app promises to revolutionize the mobile encryption field. Silent Circle’s new encryption app allows complete mobile device functionality while using being totally encrypted. High level functionality included in your $20/mo access fee: Encrypted SMS text Encrypted SMS file […]

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