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Open Compute Windmill + Open Compute Open Vault hangs at booting from local disk fix

Working through installing CentOS 6.4, ESXi and others, I started running into issues where the systems would run their PXE installations just fine, then end up hanging at booting from local disk afterwards… As it turns out, the systems we’re having issues trying to boot to /dev/sda when /dev/sda was not always where the OS […]

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Open Compute Open Vault Knox Unit Drive Identification

Trying to find a failed drive that does not have a red light on it can be quite challenging with the Open Vault Knox Unit(s) since the drives/slots are not labeled. After looking around the interweb’s and reading the Open Compute Project Open Vault Storage Specification I found the diagram indicating which drive is which. […]

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Configuring the Open Compute Open Vault 2U Knox Unit JBOD storage array

The¬†Wiwynn ST7110-30A is a 30 drive SAS/SATA JBOD storage array designed around the Open Compute (OCP) platform. Known as the “Knox Unit” or “Knox Device”, it is manufactured by Wiwynn. The unit is field serviceable, completely tool-less, entirely redundant, and quite easy to manage and configure. See the entire feature breakdown here. Device Information Highlights […]

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