Configuring the Open Compute Open Vault 2U Knox Unit JBOD storage array

The Wiwynn ST7110-30A is a 30 drive SAS/SATA JBOD storage array designed around the Open Compute (OCP) platform. Known as the “Knox Unit” or “Knox Device”, it is manufactured by Wiwynn. The unit is field serviceable, completely tool-less, entirely redundant, and quite easy to manage and configure. See the entire feature breakdown here.

Device Information

Wiwynn ST7110-30A
Wiwynn ST7110-30A
● Highest storage density in the industry
● Tool-less design for easy maintenance
● Hot-pluggable HDD
● Full redundant data path to each HDD
● Hot-plug and redundant cooling for high availability

 Form Factor  2U 30 3.5″ disk drives
 SAS Expander  LSI 2X28
 Hard Drive  Up to thirty 3.5” hot-plug SAS/SATA HDD
 I/O  four ports SAS 6Gb/s
 Power  Busbar 12VDC

The array shows up under /proc/scsi/scsi as the Wiwynn Knox2U storage server.

In our OCP Winterfell servers we are using the LSI MEGARAID SAS 9286CV-8E controller that you can see in the above output.

Linux Configuration

To configure the OCP Open Vault on your RHEL/CentOS flavors, grab the driver and MegaCLI files and get them downloaded to your server. The next step is to install the RPM’s.

Then, install the driver

I create a symbolic link so I don’t have to type the full, case-sensitive path:

Use MegaCLI to list your controller and attached devices:

Below is a sample output:

Create raid 1 volume using disk 0 and disk 1

Create raid 5 volume using disk 0-14

Create individual raid 0 volumes on drives 2-14

VMware Configuration

The installation on ESXi is somewhat similar, you use VIB files instead of RPM’s however. You can download the LSI MegaRaid SAS drivers for ESXi from VMware’s Website.

First, SCP the VIB file to /tmp on ESXi node

Install vib file on ESXi

cd to /opt/lsi/MegaCli

Find Enclosure ID

Create raid 1 volume with disk 0 and 1

Create individual raid 0 volumes on drives 2-14

MegaCLI usage examples

List all controllers and all volumes there

Create raid 50 span volume across two arrays

Bring physical drive online

Show drive status

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Author: Eric Sarakaitis

I'm Eric, I love to cook, sing, garden and enjoy cold beverages!