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Static drive mapping using Open Compute Windmill with CentOS 6.4 and the Open Compute Open Vault (Knox Unit) JBOD

In my previous post about Installing CentOS on the Open Compute Windmill servers, all of the testing was done and completed without using the OCP Knox Unit. Once connected, it routinely caused drive mapping issues. For instance, /dev/sda would become /dev/sdb, /dev/sdo or /dev/sdp at reboot. Causing the server to hang at boot since it […]

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Using ZFS filesystem as an NFS datastore for ESXi

Using ZFS on Linux is an attractive solution for a high-performance NFS server due to several key factors: Cost, ability to use commodity hardware with free software Simplicity, quick install and easy to configure/manage Flexibility, ZFS offers a plethora of options for your filesystem needs In this case, I installed ZFS on CentOS 6.4 available […]

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