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IBM to further expand their Pure systems catalog with Pure Data

IBM, knowing that Power7+ still exists in a TON of Oracle shops, now tries to compete with Oracle Exadata. – Further expanding the IBM Flex System line (name appropriate), IBM now offers the PureApplication W1700 based on the PureSystems p460+ double-width blade. The PureApplication+PureData position I assume will be begin attacking the Oracle Exadata marketshare. Utilizing […]

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VDI Questionnaire – follow-up for XenDesktop use

After being tasked with creating a “product” SKU around Virtual Desktop, I came up with a VDI Questionnaire for potential VDI customers starting with 200 users. Understanding that its difficult to get all of the customer details clearly defined from a list of questions, I think we cover the majority of the key components. I […]

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What hypervisors are you seeing in the general public?

Scott’s post on multiple hypervisor’s got me thinking… Regardless of workload (server, VDI, DR, Test/Dev) I myself only really see one hypervisor out there… VMware. I think so many companies have built their operational policies, processes and procedures around ESX that it is going to be an incredibly difficult migration to something else. I know of […]

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Find the installed Citrix Receiver version using Windows Powershell

$workstations = Get-Content .\pclist.txt $datestamp = Get-Date -Format “yyyyMMdd” foreach ($workstation in $workstations) { $cdviewer = “\\$workstation\C$\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\CDViewer.exe” if (Test-Path $cdviewer) { $citrixver = (Get-Command $cdviewer).FileVersionInfo.FileVersion } else { $citrixver = “Not Installed” } “$workstation | $citrixver” | Out-File -Append .\citrix_results-$datestamp.txt }

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