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IBM Flex System Manager for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Devices Released!

When I was on site in Rochester, MN at the IBM site; I was shown an very early version of a really cool tool. Flex System Manager Mobile!

Go to IBM’s website and grab it here! –

Using the IBM Flex System Manager for Android, BlackBerry and iOS

The IBM Flex System Manager mobile access application is a simple, free tool for a mobile device with a Google Android™, RIM BlackBerry® or Apple® iOS operating system, which enables you to monitor your IBM Flex System™ and PureFlex System hardware remotely through the Flex System Manager.

This application gives you access to the following types of system information.

Health and Status

Monitor health problems and check the status of managed resources

Event Log

View the event history for chassis, compute nodes, and network devices

Chassis Map (hardware view)

Check the front and rear graphical hardware views for a chassis

Chassis List (components view)

View a list of the hardware components installed in a chassis

Inventory Management

See the Vital Product Data (VPD) for a managed resource (for example, serial number or IP address

Multiple Chassis Management

Manage multiple chassis and multiple management nodes from a single application with the IBM Flex System Manager

Authentication and Security

Manage connections across secure and persistent protocols such as SSL and secure persistent credentials on your mobile device

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