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Multi-Hypervisor Thoughts

I read the post titled “Multi-hypervisor management: Have you read the fine print?” from TechRepublic and it got me thinking.

I have been a proponent of challenging vSphere and looking at lower cost solutions (primarily Hyper-V) to support non-production workloads.

While reading this article, it dawned on me what the heck am I thinking. Organizations have years of experience and trust with vSphere. My customers generally purchase vSphere Enterprise Plus so getting them to start looking at Hyper-V based on price alone is not that big of a challenge.

But there is another option…look at lower cost vSphere Editions. Can vSphere Standard provide the virtual foundation for lower service tiers? VMware admins may squawk at losing the distributed switch function or maybe DRS, but a VMware admin loses those vSphere functions if Hyper-V is deployed to host lower service tiers.

I would think that most VMware admins would prefer this direction rather than managing multi-hypervisors.

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