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Configure Syslog on ESXi using PowerShell and PowerCLI

Using powershell, I was able to configure all the hosts in my vCenter instance

First, I needed to configure the syslog host

get-vmhost| Set-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -NameValue @{'Config.HostAgent.log.level'='info';'Vpx.Vpxa.config.log.level'='info';''='udp://IPADDDR:514'}

I then needed to open the appropriate firewall ports for the traffic to get through

get-vmhost| Get-VMHostFirewallException |?{$_.Name -eq 'syslog'} | Set-VMHostFirewallException -Enabled:$true

On the C220 M3’s, we had to re-create vSwitch0 due to it using the legacy incorrect MAC (from the step above).

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