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Converting VMware Horizon Application Manager OVA’s for Use in VMware Fusion

Both the Horizon Connector Virtual Appliance and the Horizon Service Virtual Appliance come packaged as OVA’s. Of which you know will not work natively within VMware Fusion. (Come on VMware… fix this!)

So first, you must convert the OVA’s to VMX files, to do this; you need VMware’s OVFTOOL

Once installed, its just a couple of commands to get everything ready to be imported into Fusion!

For the Horizon Connector Virtual Appliance I used the following syntax:

./ovftool -tt=VMX /users/ericsarakaitis/Downloads/connector- /users/ericsarakaitis/downloads/connector.vmx

For the Horizon Service Virtual Appliance, I used the following syntax:

/ovftool -tt=VMX /users/ericsarakaitis/Downloads/service-va- /users/ericsarakaitis/downloads/service-va.vmx

Once completed, I was able to import the OVA files successfully into Fusion!

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