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Introducing Vmware Horizon, where did ThinApp go?

VMware’s recent announcement of Horizon Suite, Horizon Workspace, Horizon View and Horizon Mirage seems to be lacking mention of ThinApp! So where did it go?

VMware Horizon Menu

VMware Horizon Menu

As we both know, VMware Horizon Mirage (formally Wanova) and Horizon View are the same products that they have always been. Horizon Workspace and Horizon Suite are the new kids on the block. With Horizon Suite being just a bundle of View, Mirage and Workspace.

So to break that down in layman’s terms:

Vmware Horizon Product Breakdown

Vmware Horizon Product Breakdown

This means that unfortunately VMware ThinApp will not be available as a standalone product anymore; but has become an integral piece of the Horizon Product family. Regardless of which Horizon product line you end up purchasing; VMware ThinApp is bundled in with the SKU.

Another key change with the introduction of the Horizon product family is the change in licensing. Sources close to me say that all of the Vmware Horizon products will follow the Horizon Application Manager Licensing Scheme; named usersNot concurrent users.

I believe this will change quickly due to the enormous amount of anticipated customer/community pushback.


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