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ProfileUnity FlexApp 5.5 Available

On February 5, Liquidware Labs announced the availability of ProfileUnity FlexApp 5.5. (click here for the press release)

LWL’s ProfileUnity solution leverages a simple architecture that does not require a database or an agent to be installed on the endpoints. This architecture means a quick deployment but unfortunately there are some use-cases that it does not fit.

The FlexApp product initially focused on providing users with the ability to install applications (UIA) on a non-persistent VM. FlexApp 5.5 adds departmental installed application (DIA) functionality as well.

By allowing FlexApp to manage UIA and DIA, there are less gold images that are required to be managed by the virtual desktop administrators.

FlexApp’s functionality will eventually be extended to physical and persistent environments which would allow for follow me applications. Hopefully those applications can be cached to the local device for offline use.

Liquidware Labs offers a program called Test Drive that allows you to quickly evaluate ProfileUnity on their environment.

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