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RedHat CloudForms actual environment Architecture Guide

Working with RedHat CloudForms (CF) for the last several months now, I’ve come to some architecture guides/recommendations along with some easy to understand vernacular explanations.

Region = database (all objects contained within)

Region 99 = rollup region for performance statistics, federated view across all regions

Zone = management system (vCenter, OpenStack, RHEVm, etc), typically for most users this will mean Datacenter.

With CF being an appliance, scaling out horizontally is quite easy and painless.

Appliance roles

Worker – (zone) – 1 for every ~500 VM’s, always going to be 2 for redundancy


All capacity and utilization roles


SmartState Analysis

DB (zone) – (bump to 8GB memory) – can grow very large to 10,000 VM’s – no certified pgcluster to support configuration yet – contains metadata, backup database, don’t over complicate



WebUI (zone) – hide behind load balancer F5 (must pass session)


DB Sync – rubyrep

Automation worker – can run on worker or break out

As you notice, each and every appliance has the UI role attached, allowing for UI access should the UI node be down for patching and/or break-fix.

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