After installing Cisco UCS and performing the initial setup of the UCS Fabric Interconnects; there is a lot of work that needs to be completed prior to configuring the blade Service Profiles.

This can be done a multitude of ways, manually through UCSM, scripted through SSH or now through PowerShell using Cisco PowerTool. This allows us to use variables at the top of the script; these variables allow us to make the script portable for various customer deployments.

There are a couple features that are not working yet:

  1. Setting the Global Power Allocation Policy – due to the enormous lack of detail in the get-help sections of Cisco’s PowerTool, I have been unable to find which function controls the Global Power Allocation Policy.  I believe it to be the set-ucspowergroup cmd-let but I have been unable to make it work correctly.
  2. Adding custom roles with customer permissions – the add-ucsuserrole cmd-let is not very well documented either, like others; I cannot seem to figure out how to get this cmd-let to create a new role with custom permissions.

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Eric Sarakaitis

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  1. Vaibhav Jain says:

    Hi Eric,

    You can use ConvertTo-UcsCmdlet to find out the required cmdlets.

    1. You can set the Global Power Allocation Policy using following cmdlets.

    PS C:> Get-UcsPowerMgmtPolicy | set-UcspowerMgmtPolicy -Style manual-per-blade -force

    Name: default
    PolicyLevel : 0
    PolicyOwner : local
    Style: manual-per-blade
    Dn: org-root/pwr-mgmt-policy
    Rn: pwr-mgmt-policy
    Status: modified
    XtraProperty : {}
    Ucs: ucs-01

    2. To add the role with custom privileges you may run following cmdlet:

    PS C:> Add-UcsRole -Name “Helpdesk” -Priv aaa,read-only

    ConfigState : ok
    ConfigStatusMessage :
    Descr :
    Name : Helpdesk
    PolicyLevel : 0
    PolicyOwner : local
    Priv : {aaa, read-only}
    Dn : sys/user-ext/role-Helpdesk
    Rn : role-Helpdesk
    Status : created
    XtraProperty : {}
    Ucs : ucs-01


  2. amosisreal says:

    Thanks for writing this up! This is great.

    In your section, #CONFIGURE SAN PORTS TO VSAN
    shouldn’t the last four entries be ‘-switchid B’ to apply the vsan fabric configuration to the expansion module on FI B?

    Apologies if I am mis-reading.

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