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Cisco UCS

Using Cisco UCS PowerTool to gather Model, Serial Number, Chassis and Blade Location

I’m finishing up a UCS deployment for a customer, one of the things I needed to gather was the Serial Number, Model, Chassis Number and Blade Location. Since I’ve been playing with Cisco’s PowerShell component called PowerTool; I figured I would use it. Here is the one-liner that I came up with: get-ucsblade | select […]

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Using An Address Naming Convention With Cisco UCS

Working with a customer today, the idea of Address Pools came up during a discussion about Cisco UCS. During this discussion we tossed out the idea of using a Address Naming Convention in the Cisco UCS environment. The purpose being, given a MAC, World Wide Port Name (WWPN) or World Wide Node Name (WWNN); I should […]

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