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Central Ohio vBeers in a Month

Today is the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Time for another Central Ohio VMware User Group meeting.

Oh wait that’s right! The format changed to quarterly meetings. Bummer!!!

I love catching up with you and discussing technologies.

There is a different option and I am hoping Central Ohio is ready to give it a try.

That format is vBeers. The vBeers concept is to get together to socialize about virtualization technology while enjoying a frosty beverage. Also, the other core concept of vBeers is that this is a discussion about virtualization, not just VMware. So you can enjoy Eric Sarakaitis chiding me about Microsoft Hyper-V in person.

So geeking out and drinking…winner!

So pencil in your calendar for the first Central Ohio vBeers to be held on the evening of  March 19 at 7pm.

I would love to hear from you on possible locations that we could use as a destination. Please message me on Twitter: @vtscott or on Google Plus with your ideas.

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