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Minio – 100% S3 compatible, free, open-source, object-based storage now ready for prime time!

AB of Gluster fame, is off working on another kick-butt storage project. Again, its in the Software Defined Storage realm, this time its called Minio! A play on the minimal-io phrase/mindset. Written in go, the focus is a simple, easy to deploy and use 100% S3 compatible, object based storage platform.


I talked about this project here, nearly two years ago when the project was just initially getting off the ground. Today, you’ve got  full blown storage serve along with a full blow client for interacting with the server and other S3 compatible services!.

Some of the features are:

  • Written in go, super easy to update/develop in or against.
  • Native integrated replication.
  • 100% Amazon S3 compatible.
  • Erasure Code & Bitrot Protection
  • No need for RAID
  • Platform agnostic
  • Already Docker containerized

To emphasize the ease of use, I was able to get a fully functioning multi-datacenter replicated environment installed and configured in less than an hour!

  1. First, I built a VM in each datacenter. I added twelve 20gb drives to each VM, partitioned and formatted them as XFS. Then mounted them under /srv/b, /srv/c, etc..Minio Drive Mounts
  2. Then I started the Minio server, pointing to the newly configured drives: Minio Server Running
  3. Next step was to log into the UI and create the buckets and upload the files I wanted to replicate. This all can be done from the CLI as well:Minio Browser UI
  4. Then all I had to do was set up replication:

Minio Replication

Pretty amazing that I can set all of that up in under an hour! I’m super excited to see the success of this product. I can think of a TON of use cases myself!

  1. Off-site replication of backups
  2. Veeam backup destination
  3. Hospital PACS data
  4. Logs
  5. Video
  6. Documents
  7. Containers
  8. VM’s