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Build a 3-node mongodb cluster using puppet (for use with High Availability Graylog in this case)

One of the core components to a Graylog installation in MongoDB. Quite possibly the worst database ever to grace the planet :) Hopefully, from a Graylog prospective, MongoDB will disappear from the solution soon. Anyway, from an architecture prospective, we want to use a highly available Graylog deployment aka Graylog HA. Of which, there is […]

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Building a two-node elasticsearch cluster for Graylog using Puppet

Assumptions: Two servers, in this case: – – 8 vCPU 16GB vMem A second hard disk of 500GB /dev/sdb1 formatted XFS and mounted as /var/lib/elasticsearch Hosts file configured to reference each other The follow two puppet modules are installed: saz-limits, puppetlabs-java and elasticsearch-elasticsearch Web Interface: We use the KOPF elastic search […]

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Using Puppet to manage virt-who to map virtual guests to physical hosts in Satellite 6.1

The virt-who package allows you to map virtual machines to the physical host so that you can take advantage of RedHat Virtual Data Center licensing when using Satellite 6.1. It allows you to use your Hypervisor Host (in this case VMware ESXi) as a content host within Satellite. Therefore allowing you to assign RHEL licenses […]

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Create a Logical Volume, EXT4 filesystem, mounted mount point and NFS export all via Puppet

I was building a NFS server for our users home directories to work with our FreeIPA implementation, and instead of setting up a logical volume, filesystem and mount point manually I decided to do it via Puppet. Since Puppet is our configuration management engine of choice, I might as well make something that’s reusable, right? […]

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