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VMware vSAN on Open Compute

As we all know, the largest cost component of virtualization is typically shared storage. Be it Fibre Channel, NAS or iSCSI, it’sĀ all expensive! Let alone a flash based array like Tinri or Whiptail. One of the use cases of our OCP (Open Compute Platform) Container (above) gear is to test VMware’s new vSAN product. With […]

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Learn Cisco UCS/EMC VNX using the UCS Emulator along with the EMC VNX Emulator

Cisco’s UCS platform is a key component of our sales team. Almost every single customer of ours is targeted for using UCS. That being said, without UCS gear, it’s tough to learn! Insert UCS emulator! Now you’ve got yourself a full blow UCS deployment.. now what do you do with it without any storage […]

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