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OpenStack Havana – Fix for Unable to launch the instance due to “No valid host was found”

When trying to launch a dual homed VM within OpenStack Havana, I would get an Error in the horizon interface. When looking in Nova, I would see the error below when running: nova show ‘instancename’ fault | {u’message’: u’No valid host was found. ‘, u’code’: 500 Which by itself its pretty damn ambiguous, I stared […]

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Creating UCS QOS Policies using Cisco PowerTool

Creating QOS policies within UCS Manager can be somewhat cumbersome. In UCS Manager, on the Lan tab; you would right-click UCS policies and click create… one by one you would go through this process to define you UCS policies, if you have a lot of policies or a lot of UCS builds to do this […]

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Installing the Nexus 1000v – A step by step guide to installing the 1000v

VMware has typically used the traditional Standard Virtual Switch (SVS), which is host based networking. The Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS), which is a cluster based virtual switch; single point of configuration. Now both Cisco and IBM have release various software based distributed virtual switches that are installable into the vSphere environment. Installing the 1000v used […]


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ESXi bug causes Cisco VPC’s to not function correctly

After hours and hours and hours of troubleshooting, we’ve finally figured out why our brand new C260 ESX hosts that we’re installed in a VPC were not functioning correctly. At the most, only 3 interfaces were ever able to come online, bringing the fourth would take the entire host down. The problem? The C260 uses […]

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