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Build a 3-node mongodb cluster using puppet (for use with High Availability Graylog in this case)

One of the core components to a Graylog installation in MongoDB. Quite possibly the worst database ever to grace the planet :) Hopefully, from a Graylog prospective, MongoDB will disappear from the solution soon. Anyway, from an architecture prospective, we want to use a highly available Graylog deployment aka Graylog HA. Of which, there is […]

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Building a two-node elasticsearch cluster for Graylog using Puppet

Assumptions: Two servers, in this case: – – 8 vCPU 16GB vMem A second hard disk of 500GB /dev/sdb1 formatted XFS and mounted as /var/lib/elasticsearch Hosts file configured to reference each other The follow two puppet modules are installed: saz-limits, puppetlabs-java and elasticsearch-elasticsearch Web Interface: We use the KOPF elastic search […]

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Configure a datacenter mail relay through Office 365 based on Postfix using Puppet

When standing up a new greenfield environment, one of the first services you typically end up needing is an internal mail relay. We use Office 365, so we wanted to our mail relay to send mail through it. To do that I used Puppet along with a Puppet module from jlambert121, which you can find […]

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Minio – 100% S3 compatible, free, open-source, object-based storage now ready for prime time!

AB of Gluster fame, is off working on another kick-butt storage project. Again, its in the Software Defined Storage realm, this time its called Minio! A play on the minimal-io phrase/mindset. Written in go, the focus is a simple, easy to deploy and use 100% S3 compatible, object based storage platform. I talked about this […]

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