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Minio – 100% S3 compatible, free, open-source, object-based storage now ready for prime time!

AB of Gluster fame, is off working on another kick-butt storage project. Again, its in the Software Defined Storage realm, this time its called Minio! A play on the minimal-io phrase/mindset. Written in go, the focus is a simple, easy to deploy and use 100% S3 compatible, object based storage platform. I talked about this […]

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SSH Key Mapping for AD Users authenticating against an IPA trust

Under IPA Server > ID Views > Default Trust View, add the LDAP user you want to override with POSIX settings. Then add the SSH public key to the user:

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Installing IPA on RHEL 7 and utilizing an Active Directory Trust

This document is dependent on the following assumptions: NetBIOS names of the IPA domain and AD domain must be different. In addtion, NetBIOS names of the IPA server and AD DC server must be different. Encoredev.local is the AD domain encoredev1.encoredev.local will host this domain and associated DNS Linux.local is the IPA domain ipa1.linux.local will […]

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Using Puppet to manage virt-who to map virtual guests to physical hosts in Satellite 6.1

The virt-who package allows you to map virtual machines to the physical host so that you can take advantage of RedHat Virtual Data Center licensing when using Satellite 6.1. It allows you to use your Hypervisor Host (in this case VMware ESXi) as a content host within Satellite. Therefore allowing you to assign RHEL licenses […]

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